Premium Access Cricut

Cricut Access Premium

Premium Access Cricut

Cricut Access is a subscription plan that allows unlimited use of over 100,000 of Cricut’s graphics and fonts and ready-to-cut Cricut projects. Access subscribers also get discounts on purchases, a Priority Member Care Line to contact, and special offers on products reserved just for Access subscribers.


Are you tired of paying five or more dollars to buy a single image or font for your scrapbooking or art projects? I know I got tired of it. That’s where Cricut Access helped me the most.

Cricut JoyYou can find a lot of different sources of fonts and images on the internet, but you typically have to pay for each one that you want. Cricut Access doesn’t use that business model. It works with a monthly subscription fee.

Depending on which subscription package you choose, you gain access to varying amounts of content, and you can even get better prices on licensed images. This makes the Access service extremely useful if you find yourself doing a lot of projects.

Speaking of subscription packages, Cricut Access offers three different packages. The first one is made for people who don’t want to make an annual commitment, and the other two are either priced lower or offer more features, but they are billed annually.


You get access to over 100,000 images for a relatively low price. And images are added weekly.
You have access to 400 fonts, including handwriting fonts.
If you ever buy images or fonts from Design Space, an Access subscription pays for itself very quickly.
Faster member support. Like twice as fast. You get priority support over those who do not have access.
10% savings on all product purchases on — machines, accessories, materials, and more – including sale items!
10% savings on premium licensed fonts, images, and ready‑to‑make projects from brands
Exclusive discounts on products.
Exclusive product offers — some products can only be purchased by Cricut Access Premium members
Tax deduction if you have a craft business
Craft faster because you don’t have to buy or hunt for free stuff or make it yourself!


  • Permanent Vinyl – great for projects you want to last, even though wear and tear
  • Removable Vinyl – great for projects you don’t want to last forever. Great for rentals and more!
  • Glitter Vinyl – removable vinyl with sparkle!
  • Dry Erase Vinyl– perfect for labeling
  • Chalkboard Vinyl – great for making calendars or also for labeling
  • Stencil Vinyl– use this if you want to make hand-painted signs or screen print shirts
  • Holographic Vinyl – same as basic vinyl but with different colors depending on the angle you’re looking at
  • Printable Vinyl– great for making stickers
  • Patterned Vinyl – From Mickey and Minnie to Star Wars, watercolor, and cute hippos, add some fun designs to your projects
  • Disney® Vinyl – From Disney® to Star Wars



Final Thoughts

Cricut Access Premium is one of my favorite programs, and it has saved me a lot of money compared to the past methods Cricut used to charge by the item. It also makes it easy to find tons of content quickly.

This program is geared for people constantly working on projects, and I highly recommend getting the premium package.  If you’re interested in using Cricut Access, I suggest checking out their site as soon as possible, and it can’t hurt to try because you will no waste time searching the internet for content. You might find your new go-to source for imagery and fonts.

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