Best Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso

Coopers Cask Coffee Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso

Sumatra Dark Roast - 12 oz Espresso

Coopers Cask Coffee

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Single Serve Coffee PodsGet Coopers Cask Coffee's high-quality coffee, including Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso. Sign up for a gift and a discount on the email list. Our friends at Coopers Cask Coffee have been hard at work importing and roasting coffee beans. Cooper Cask learned that over several years, having tried several varieties from all over the world. I distinctly remember being handed a cup of freshly brewed coffee and then enjoying the time he spent researching the tasting profile, origin, and the best ways to prepare and enjoy it. I was hooked, and we've been enjoying great coffee ever since then. A purchase through links supports this site review. A Cooper is the name of the age-old profession of building wooden casks or barrels. There are many myths about coffee, like dark roasts will wake me up, light roasts are weak, and coffee is coffee; just add cream and sugar. But, it is more than just buying coffee beans online, much more.

Once a bean is roasted, it has a relatively short freshness period, usually a week. After this, the flavors start to degrade and oxidize. Grinding coffee beans accelerates this process even faster. That is why Cooper Cask only roasts what is ordered and fresh. The roast date is on every package to show this. The coffee is not roasted in a massive plant, where it is bagged and placed in warehouses and retail shelves for many weeks or months. Why sacrifice a great cup of coffee for convenience? The K-cups have made it very convenient, creating a huge sacrifice to quality. Just like you would t buy a loaf of bread sitting for weeks or let it sit in your cabinet or counter for weeks on end. Cooper Cask has taken this coffee to the next level: barrel aging. Just like wine, bourbon, rum, and whiskey are barrel-aged to complement the flavors, barrel aging the unroasted coffee beans in used barrels has enhanced and intensified the natural flavor of the beans. With skillfully selected a beans the flavor notes and subtleties will best match and complement the flavors imparted by the aromas left behind in the empty barrels, for this reason I would choose the Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso from Cooper Cask every time.


A bold dark roast with a flavor profile!AMAZING TASTE PROFILE: Woody Earth, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Cherry with a hint of tobacco.FAIR TRADE & ORGANIC: Sumatra Dark Roast Single Origin Organic Fair Trade coffee beans. Of the Lintong region of the island of Sumatra is known for the ancient large volcanic crater. These beans are organic grade 1, wet-processed (coffee cherry removed then washed) and sun-dried. This volcanic island region gives way to an earth-tone rustic sweetness. You will find undertones of woody cedar, dark chocolate, slight dark stone fruits, and a hint of raw tobacco. It is roasted to a full dark roast to showcase the dark rich flavors and rustic earth tones. QUALITY SOURCED BEANS: We profile each lot of Organic & Fair Trade Coffee Beans (grade 1). If it doesn't meet our high standards, it is not used. SMALL BATCH ROASTERS: Our premium coffee beans are expertly roasted in small batches. This gives us full profile control and creates a bold, smooth, flavorful coffee. WICKED GOOD GUARANTEED: If for any reason you're not satisfied with our imported, high-end coffee beans, just let us know within 30 days for a full refund.


Cooper's Cask Coffee Features

  • Coffee aged in recently emptied casks for months before roasting.
  • Unlike flavored coffee from syrups and extracts, the barrel aging process absorbs the natural flavors and aromas.
  • Creates a distinctively complex new style of coffee.
  • Bourbon, Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffees.
  • Shipped fast.
  • Coffee can help ease your day and give you a small escape into happiness.

Serving Suggestions


  • I typically use 2 tbsp of whole bean per 6-8 oz of water, ground coarse. You may use more or less depending on how strong you like your coffee.
  • Put the coarsely ground beans into your French press.
  • Once your water is boiling, remove it from the heat for about 30 seconds before pouring it into your French press.
  • Brew for 4 minutes (do not plunge until after 4 minutes).
  • After 4 minutes, plunge once and enjoy. Don't leave the coffee sitting in the French press too long, or it may become bitter.


  • Fill your coffee maker's reservoir with water.
  • Use 2 tbsp of beans per 6-8 oz of water, ground fine. You may use more or less depending on how strong you like your coffee. Coffee beans ground too coarse will create a very light coffee with less flavor.
  • Once the machine is done brewing, try not to leave the coffee pot on the heater. This will ‘cook' the coffee and give it a burnt taste over time.

Coopers Rum Barrel Aged
Cooper's Cask Coffee
A great cup of coffee is good when you can drink it black and notice the subtle flavors of fruits such as berries, natural sweetness like caramelized sugar, or earthy tones like plum or fresh tobacco. Add the barrel aging and enhance the senses to a whole new level. For more, shop a wide selection of Cooper's Cask Coffee from

Cooper s Coffee is an artisan roaster who sources single origin beans from all over the world. They emphasize quality through small batch roasting of top-notch or Grade 1 beans. This sounds like the foundation of a gourmet coffee company, right? Well, Cooper s also sources used whiskey, rum and wine barrels as part of their process. The premise behind producing some of the best barrel-aged coffees involves leveraging the porous nature of coffee beans, which allows them to absorb flavors and fragrances from the surrounding environment.

Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso


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My Review of Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso

I had ordered from Amazon, and it was not as good as advertised. By complaining, Cooper delivered me a new batch of coffee and a single-origin coffee sampler. Wow, what a difference in taste! This is great fresh coffee. I would order again, but I would order directly from Coopers. I am staying away from Amazon for coffee since I have never received a fresh bag of coffee. It's a fantastic product that I would order again! Get the pictured coffee Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso (Aff), or see all Cooper's Cask Coffee offerings Coopers Cask Coffee Company. Really nice coffee. For bourbon lovers, it is a no-brainer. This won't likely be for everyone; the concentrated flavor of the barrels these were aged in comes on strong and even a bit harsh or boozy. I loved it, my wife only enjoyed one of three and she's a bourbon drinker, so your mileage may vary. Get the flavor of choice you won't regret it and you'll crave it. Highly recommended!

Coopers Cask Coffee Barrel Aged Box Set

Featured Cooper's Cask Coffee Company Selections

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged K-cups
Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee
Signature Barrel Aged Series Coffee
Barrel Aged Single Origin Coffee
Cooper's Coffee Co.

  • The quality and freshness are undeniably excellent.
  • Low acidity.
  • Their shopping experience is simple and effective.
  • Full-bodied.
  • Organic and Fair Trade certified.
  • The price of many blends is above average.
  • Bags can be hard to open.
  • May be too strong for some drinkers.
Final Thoughts

If you're wondering whether or not to try Cooper's Cask Coffee, it's definitely worth ordering at some point. I'd say that the folks at Cooper's Cask Coffee are on to something here. Be sure to visit them at Cooper's Coffee Co.

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